Brandon was quiet and reserved when he started his journey at YCBC 2+ years ago. Brandon has always been a very naturally gifted boxer, since he became a member of the young champion’s boot camp he has become a lot more confident and now believes in his abilities. He pushes himself every session and strives to be the best that he possibly can. I am very excited to continue to watch Brandon grow and develop and watch him box in the future if he chooses to.

How has Champions 4 Change – YCBC changed me?


“I have being training at YCBC for a long time and it always makes me feel relaxed and less stressed. I love the training because it keeps me fit and focused. It has helped me at school too because I get to train with Scott 2x every week. I want to keep learning and improving and possibly box in the future. Overall I love the YCBC and wish I could do it even more often.”

A word from Brandon’s Mother

“Brandon has been attending YCBC for over 2 years and in that time he has grown in so many ways. He has become more confident in himself and finds it a lot easier to make friends and talk to new people. He comes back from the boot camp sessions feeling really good in himself after his workout. Brandon has been stressed since starting secondary school in September, worrying about homework targets but going to YCBC has eased his anxiety. Having a disabled father and 2 older teenage sisters means emotions can run high and boot camp has offered a positive release for this. Overall I think YCBC is a great way for children to develop in many different ways.” – Sarah