Jake was a very shy and reserved young person, who didn’t participate in any sports when he started his YCBC journey 3+ years ago. Now he has evolved into a confident and well equipped young man who never misses a training session. The change in Jake has been a pleasure to witness; Jake has recently finished the Boxing Tutor course and is very focused on developing as a coach and giving back to the next generation of young carers in the way Scott did for him.

How has Champions 4 Change – YCBC changed me?


“C4C / YCBC has given me confidence and has also opened up new doors for me. If I had never started this programme, I would’ve never achieved what I have today. It has helped me both mentally and physically as I never used to be in the right state of mind about exercise and I couldn’t even bring a light shopping bag from the front door across a long hallway to the kitchen.

In the future for me training with the C4C / YCBC programme I would like to become both; a coach and a boxer but only time will tell. Ever since I started I’ve always wanted to go to the next session as I finally found a sport that I am willing to do for self-defence. I am not like normal people as I do not like football or anything like that, I would rather do boxing or play computer games as I aspire to do them as a job.” – Jake

A word from  Jake’s Mother


“When Jake first started boxing I was very optimistic as all of the activities I tried settling him into just weren’t for him, but boxing has shone a light on Jake and he has kept to it. He has come a long way since starting and his self-confidence has improved massively! He was a very quiet and shy boy but to look at him now, you wouldn’t think he was the same boy. Not only has he grown self-confidence, he has gained skills with a fantastic trainer and you can see that in Jake.

For me, Jake taking part in the training has given me hope for his future and a sense of relief that he hasn’t stayed that shy boy with low self-esteem. For Jake to come this far and to be a tutor is brilliant, he can now pass that skill and confidence on to the next generation in line!.” – Kelly